Confined spaces
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Description of the training Confined spaces

Description of the training

This training specifically covers thetheoretical aspect. Each organization needs to train their employees on theirown procedures and on the use of the different equipment.


This online OHS course informs employees and employers of the occupational health and safety hazards associated with confined spaces and presents the means and preventive measures to put in place to safely work in this type of environment.


A confined space is a fully or partially enclosed space with restricted access and egress routes, which was not designed to be occupied by persons except for the purpose of performing work. This course outlines the risks workers may face when performing tasks in confined spaces and describes the preventative measures they must be familiar with. The course also addresses the responsibilities and obligations of workers and supervisors who may be required to enter a confined space as part of their duties and outlines rescue methods.


This online health and safety course also describes the various hazards that may be encountered in a confined space, such as atmospheric, physical and biological hazards, as well as the specific characteristics of these hazards and the required protective equipment.

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Learning objectives of the training Confined spaces

Learning objectives of the training
  • Identify a confined space;
  • Understand the responsibilities of employees and employers;
  • Identify the legal consequences of not having a confined space management program;
  • Understand the nature of the hazards posed by confined spaces;
  • Identify the atmospheric, physical and biological hazards that may exist in confined spaces;
  • Identify the main preventative measures against the risks that are present in confined spaces;
  • Know the resources, operations, procedures and programs that must be complied with;
  • Know which information must be recorded and retained regarding confined space entry;
  • Know the roles and responsibilities of the entrant and the spotter;
  • Be familiar with rescue methods and the contents of a rescue plan.

Preview of the training Confined spaces

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