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Description of the training Forklift operator

Description of the training

This course has been mandatory since 2007. The RROHS stipulates that employers are required to provide forklift operator training to all company operators.


‍This online OHS course includes the theoretical portion of the Forklift Operator training course. It allows participants to become familiar with the laws, regulations and rules that apply to safe forklift operation, as well as preventative handling.


Specifically, this course familiarizes workers with the laws and regulations that apply to forklift operator work. It outlines the various types of equipment used in this type of work, such as pallet jacks, stackers and lift trucks. The features of this equipment and its impact on operations are also presented in detail. This online health and safety course contains essential information for ensuring the proper handling of these pieces of equipment. It covers pre-operational inspections, operation with and without a load, ramp use and parking, among other topics.


Following the theoretical section of the course, the practical section can be taught in partnership with Équipements E.M.U., under the supervision of a certified trainer1. This company has a large fleet of forklifts, enabling them to train future forklift operators on all product lines.


1 : Only for Quebec City. Visit the Équipements E.M.U. website for more information on the practical section.

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Learning objectives of the training Forklift operator

Learning objectives of the training
  • Be familiar with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Identify the features of a forklift;
  • Understand the general principles of forklift stability;
  • Know how to read a capacity plate;
  • Understand safe forklift operation techniques;
  • Know the specifics and techniques of using a pallet jack;
  • Know how to use and handle batteries;
  • Know the difference between an engine brake and an emergency brake.

Preview of the training Forklift operator

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