Hearing protection
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Description of the training Hearing protection

Description of the training

Since June 16, 2023, new regulations to prevent exposure to noise in the workplace have been in force. LeCampus offers you a modern training to explain these changes in regulations.

This online training is designed for both noise-exposed workers and employers. Its aim is to inform you about the different types of noise and enable you to identify the associated risks. The training is divided into three main parts, each covering a specific topic. First, you'll become more familiar with the concept of noise. Next, you'll explore its short- and long-term health effects. Finally, you'll learn how to protect yourself from noise.

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Learning objectives of the training Hearing protection

Learning objectives of the training
  • Understand how the auditory system works;
  • Understand the basics of noise;
  • Know the regulations in force;
  • Corrective measures and personal protective equipment;
  • Be able to prioritize noise prevention measures;
  • Be able to fit, maintain and inspect hearing protectors;
  • Know how to prevent noise in the workplace.

Preview of the training Hearing protection

Training preview
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