Safe asbestos management
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Description of the training Safe asbestos management

Description of the training

To ensure the health and physical well-being of workers, the Commission de la SantĂ© et de la SĂ©curitĂ© du Travail has adopted new regulations for the safe management of asbestos. These provisions have been in force since June 6, 2013, and are intended to reduce workers’ exposure to asbestos dust and thus reduce the risk of health problems.


This online OHS course describes the updated obligations of employers and building owners, as well as their resulting responsibilities for the safe management of asbestos.


This distance learning course presents the information a worker must know when performing tasks in a building or structure that may contain asbestos. It identifies materials that may contain asbestos and describes the various tests that can determine whether a material is deemed to contain asbestos.


This health and safety course was developed in collaboration with renowned labour lawyers from Fasken Martineau.


‍The online training course “Safe Asbestos Management” is recognized by the Barreau du QuĂ©bec for the purposes of mandatory continuing education, for a period of 2 hours. For reporting training hours, the activity number is #10080104.

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Learning objectives of the training Safe asbestos management

Learning objectives of the training
  • Learn basic concepts relating to materials and products that contain asbestos;
  • Know the specific requirements of spray and thermal insulation;
  • Know the requirements that apply to all materials and products containing asbestos;
  • Understand how the asbestos prevention management registry works;
  • Differentiate between the responsibilities of employers and building owners;
  • Know the remedies and penalties for non-compliance;
  • Understand summary tables.

Preview of the training Safe asbestos management

Training preview
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