Maintenance of a washroom
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Description of the training Maintenance of a washroom

Description of the training

This online OHS course presents the correct techniques and practices for cleaning washrooms to limit the risk of infection transmission and ensure the safety of workers and visitors.

The increased virulence of certain viruses and microbes has led to an increase in outbreaks of infectious disease, such as COVID-19. Washrooms can become an important vehicle for transmission if they are not cleaned according to a strict procedure, using appropriate products.

This online hygiene and sanitation course details the steps workers must take to properly disinfect washrooms. It describes the products and equipment to be used for each task.

After completing this health and safety course, participants will understand the different factors that impact the effectiveness of the disinfection procedure, such as temperature, duration, chemical action and mechanical action. This online course also explains the distinction between high and low potential contamination surfaces, as well as the different requirements for cleaning and maintaining these zones.

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Learning objectives of the training Maintenance of a washroom

Learning objectives of the training
  • Understand how COVID-19 is spread;
  • Know the steps involved in effective hand washing;
  • Know the principles for cleaning common areas;
  • Identify the factors that affect surface cleaning and disinfection;
  • Assess work tasks;
  • Select and prepare equipment and product;
  • Organize your work and correctly follow the cleaning procedure;
  • Understand the basic workflow principles.

Preview of the training Maintenance of a washroom

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