Working at heights
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Description of the training Working at heights

Description of the training

This training specifically covers thetheoretical aspect. Each organization needs to train their employees on theirown procedures and on the use of the different equipment.


‍Many workers are required to perform work at heights as part of their duties, which often poses a high risk of accidents if procedures are not followed. It is therefore essential to implement safe work procedures and ensure that they are applied according to applicable standards.


The purpose of this online OHS course is to provide workers with the knowledge they need to ensure their own safety when working at heights. They will learn about the laws that have been enacted to protect them, as well as concrete strategies for reducing and preventing falls. Participants will also have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the different types of prevention devices and learn the basic principles of proper inspection, use, maintenance and storage of these devices. The different types of harnesses will be introduced, and participants will learn when to use them and how to don them.


After completing this online health and safety course, workers will also be familiar with the rules for using ladders, stepladders, scaffolding and aerial lift baskets.

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Learning objectives of the training Working at heights

Learning objectives of the training
  • Be familiar with the applicable laws and regulations;
  • Identify the risks associated with falls and learn strategies for preventing them;
  • Be familiar with collective and individual protective equipment;
  • Know how to select the right protective device for the job;
  • Know how to inspect, maintain and properly store fall arrest equipment;
  • Learn about connection systems and anchor points;
  • Know the rules for the safe use of ladders and stepladders;
  • Learn basic safety concepts for using scaffolding and aerial lift baskets and for lifting a worker with a forklift.

Preview of the training Working at heights

Training preview
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